Forbes Mill Steakhouse

Forbes Mill Steakhouse, with its rich history and dedication to culinary excellence, stands as a premier destination for steak enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in the heart of historic downtown Danville, California, this upscale restaurant offers a refined and inviting atmosphere where guests can indulge in the finest cuts of steak and savor an exceptional dining experience.

A Historic Legacy:

The name “Forbes Mill” pays homage to the town’s historical roots. The original Forbes Mill, built in 1854, was a vital component of Danville’s early industrial development, serving as a flour and grain mill. The restaurant’s founders recognized the significance of preserving this legacy, and thus, Forbes Mill Steakhouse was born. The building’s architecture and interior design evoke a sense of bygone eras, seamlessly blending the past with contemporary sophistication.

Prime Cuts of Perfection:

Forbes Mill Steakhouse takes pride in offering a curated selection of prime USDA-certified beef, aged to perfection and masterfully prepared by skilled chefs. From melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon to robust and flavorful ribeye, each cut of steak is meticulously sourced and thoughtfully cooked to guests’ preferences. Patrons have the option to complement their steak with a range of delectable sauces and accompaniments, elevating the dining experience to unparalleled heights.

Beyond Steaks:

While steaks are undoubtedly the centerpiece of Forbes Mill’s menu, the restaurant also caters to a diverse range of palates with an array of exquisite dishes. Seafood lovers will relish in the selection of fresh catches, including succulent lobster tails and buttery Alaskan king crab legs. Additionally, Forbes Mill offers a variety of salads, savory appetizers, and decadent desserts, ensuring that every diner’s culinary desires are met.

A Refined Wine Experience:

A truly exceptional steakhouse experience is incomplete without a thoughtfully curated wine list, and Forbes Mill delivers on this front as well. The restaurant boasts an extensive collection of premium wines, showcasing both local and international vintages that pair harmoniously with the menu’s offerings. The sommelier is readily available to guide guests through the wine list and provide expert recommendations to enhance their dining journey.

Impeccable Service:

At Forbes Mill Steakhouse, exceptional service is a hallmark of the dining experience. The attentive and professional staff ensures that guests are well-cared for, attending to every detail with grace and precision. From menu recommendations to personalized service, the team creates an inviting and memorable ambiance, making each visit a special occasion.