Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site

The Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site, also known as Tao House, is a historic site and museum located in Danville, California, USA. It is a part of the National Park Service and is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the former home of renowned playwright Eugene O’Neill, one of America’s greatest playwrights. Learn More

Key features of the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site include:

  1. Tao House: Eugene O’Neill and his wife Carlotta Monterey lived at Tao House from 1937 to 1944. It was during this time that O’Neill wrote some of his most famous plays, including “Long Day’s Journey into Night,” “The Iceman Cometh,” and “A Moon for the Misbegotten.” The house itself is a significant part of the site and is preserved as it was during O’Neill’s residency.
  2. Guided Tours: Visitors to the site can take guided tours of Tao House to learn about Eugene O’Neill’s life, work, and the inspirations behind his plays. The tours provide insights into the playwright’s creative process and his impact on American theater.
  3. Cultural Events: The site occasionally hosts cultural events, performances, and workshops related to Eugene O’Neill’s work and the arts in general.
  4. Scenic Setting: Tao House is situated on the eastern slope of the Diablo Range, offering visitors stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Eugene O’Neill, a Nobel laureate in Literature, is considered one of the most significant playwrights in American theater history. His work delves into complex themes and characters, and his plays continue to be performed and studied around the world.

As with all National Park Service sites, it’s essential to check the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on visiting hours, tours, events, and any entry requirements. Next Article